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Ministry workers provide food, fellowship, and compassion to persons living HIV virus.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The church allows a local Alcoholics Anonymous group to host weekly meetings on church grounds.


Prepares the church budget for consideration and approval of the church.


Youth, Male, and Combined Choirs provide music for the worship services.

Christmas Cheer During the Christmas season, ministry workers prepare boxes of food for distribution to needy persons in the Community. Christmas gifts are also provided to children who are in need by church members.


Youth are instructed in the art of dance as a form of worship.


Assist the pastor in visiting the sick, providing communion, baptism, and advancing the spiritual life of the church


Assist the pastor in visiting the sick, providing for the spiritual needs of the congregation, in worship, in communion, baptism, and in service.


Counts church monies and maintains the financial operations of the church.


Ministry workers decorate the church sanctuary and church building during special events.

Food for Needy Families

Each Tuesday ministry workers distributes fresh vegetables, produce, and fruit to needy families in the Community. A food pantry is also maintained.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout program is provided to help develop character, fitness, fun, and social skills of young girls in the community.


Welcome members and visitors as they enter the church building for services or special events.

Laymen’s League

This ministry is composed of men in the church who share a fellowship meal monthly, plan the Men’s Day program and assist in benevolence to needy persons.

Little League baseball

The church sponsors two Little League baseball team for youth in the community.


Assist in spreading the gospel to the world and assist in the caring for the sick, shut in and elderly members of the church

Narcotics Anonymous

The church allows a local Narcotics Anonymous group to host weekly meetings on church grounds.

New Members

New members receive introduction to the Christian faith, Baptist beliefs, the history of the church, the church covenant and constitution.


Ministry workers assist in providing assistance with food, housing, clothing and shelter to persons facing life’s challenges.

Prison Ministry

Associate Ministers and Laypersons go to local jail and proclaim the gospel monthly.

Roy Lee Phillips Fellowship Club

Ministry workers prepare meals for church related events, including funerals.


There are three established scholarships at the church: J.T. Hairston Memorial Scholarship; Clinton E. Gravely Jr. Memorial Scholarship and the Collin and Marye O. Scott Scholarship. Each Scholarship is available to assist in the education of local youth.

Seasoned Saints

Ministry participants plan events and activities of interest to senior members of the congregation.

Summer Enrichment Program

Free faith based instruction, black history, reading, science, math, music, the arts, and field trips are provided to youth who have completed pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.


Ministry workers drive the church bus to assist persons in coming to and returning home from church sponsored events.


Trustees maintain the church property and execute legal documents on behalf of the church.


  Greet visitors and members as they enter the sanctuary and serve as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord. Also assist with funerals and other special events held at the church.


This ministry nurtures and develops the youth spiritually, while providing Christian education, mission opportunities, and fun activities for them to engage them in the service of the Lord.

Youth Orchestra

Youth receive violin, keyboard, and/ or drum instruction and perform during morning worship service.

Vacation Bible School

Youth and Adults receive basic bible instruction during the Summer Vacation Bible School